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Due to all the recent changes in our world with COVID19,

we are currently seeing clients exclusively via telehealth.

The Healing Spot uses a HIPAA compliant platform that is integrated into our Electronic Medical Records System. 48 hours before your scheduled session, you will receive an email containing a unique and secure link for your session to connect with your counselor. You can also log into your client portal and join the session by clicking “join video” for the selected appointment.


The video session is secure, confidential and nothing is recorded or kept in any way.


All you need to connect is:

  • A device with a strong internet connection (WiFi typically works better than using your mobile device’s data).

  • A computer, tablet or smartphone

  • A quiet, private space in your home or office.


If you are using your smartphone, placing your phone on do not disturb prior to the session will help ensure there are no distractions during the session.


Also, using headphones with a built-in microphone is another way to gain extra privacy and allow for a clearer audio experience.


Telehealth has been shown to be as effective for people in various situations. And yes! It is effective for children as well!


The majority of insurance companies are currently covering telehealth services. Once the COVID state of emergency is lifted, this could change. It will be important for you to remain familiar with the coverage of your particular provider and policy.

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