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Group therapy is a therapeutic process in which there are two or more clients present with a therapist. They work together as a group to discuss issues and experiences under the leadership of the therapist. Clients are placed in groups based on age/level of functioning and presenting problem.

Worry Woo

This is a group designed for children around books and plush characters to promote social-emotional wellness. Each character has a different “issue” they are working thru. The therapist will have activities to accompany each lesson. For more information, check them out on the web at:


Many people have experienced trauma in their lives. This can vary from a natural disaster, to a robbery to abuse. A trauma is anything that you deem to be extremely distressing, to the point it has caused significant anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Often times people who have experienced trauma are unable to cope with seemingly minor things. There is also a host of emotional and physical symptoms associated with trauma. This is a group designed for any age. Children will be separated from adults and placed into groups with similar traumas. Group will help the client feel supported and allow them to see they are not alone. Coping skills for symptoms associated with the trauma
will be discussed and practiced.


This group can be for children or adults and will focus on positive self-
image and learning to love and accept yourself just as you are.


This group can be for children or adults and will focus on healing from grief. You
will be connected with others who have experienced grief and finding the skills to process and cope with life after loss.

Social Skills

This group will help your child learn and practice appropriate skills to not only make and keep friends, but also to get along with their peers. Social skills are
essential throughout life in order to navigate our different environments (school, work, etc.)

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck.
According to her, people in this mindset “believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.” By teaching this model, the client will learn that if they put their mind to it and work hard, they can persevere. They also view
failures as an opportunity to grow and improve their skills. This mindset will inherently also increase one’s self-esteem.
For more information, visit:


This group will be for parents to learn new and effective behavior management strategies. We all need a tool box of strategies to handle our children because what works one time may not work the next. This will also allow you to connect with other parents who are/have experienced similar struggles.


This group can be for children or adults. It will focus on triggers and coping skills for anger.

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