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"The body heals with play,

the mind heals with laughter,

and the spirit heals with joy."


Is your child or adolescent struggling with social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges? Are you feeling frustrated as a parent and at a loss for what to do?

You are not alone! Many parents report feeling overwhelmed, uncertain of what to do or how best to help their child. The Healing Spot can help!


At The Healing Spot, we create a safe place for children, adolescents and their caregivers to be heard. Our goal is to help you each feel listened to and supported.


Although children and adolescents face many of the same mental health difficulties as adults do, working with young people will look

a little differently. 



Children often lack the emotional vocabulary and are unable to

effectively verbally express themselves as well as an adult.

The Healing Spot utilizes a variety of methods to accommodate for this in therapy. In addition to the more traditional talk therapy, we also use art and play as a means to engage and allow for expression. Families and caregivers will also be involved throughout the course of treatment, to varying degrees, in order to allow for the most success. We believe that for therapy to be truly effective, the skills learned also need to be reinforced at home. We also provide support to parents and caregivers in order to help with challenges they face in the home.

Parenting is HARD! We believe that having a tool box of various discipline strategies and coping mechanisms is essential because what works this time, may not be effective the next time. As parents, we have to be able to think quickly on our feet to manage the situation at hand. Let us at The Healing Spot help you fill your tool box so that you will be prepared the next time a challenging moment arises.


Our Mission

Our mission at The Healing Spot, PLLC is to provide quality support and counseling to promote growth, healing and resiliency. We aim to bring families together and help remedy problems, resolve traumas and increase positive behaviors in order to promote healthy relationships.

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